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SWP No. 27.1

(Examination of Thomas Carrier, Jr. )

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[+ August 10, 1692. ]

The Examination of Tho.. . Carrier Taken before Dudly Broad- stret Esq'r on of their Majesties Justices of the Peace --

Tho. Carr'r being acused of witchcraft Conffeseth that he was
guilty of witchcraft & that he had been a witch a week & that his
Mother taught him witchcraft --

That a Yellow bird apeared to him & Spoke to him w'ch She
being affrighted his Mother apeared to him & brought him a book
& bid him Sett his hand to it telling him it would doe him good if he
did Soe & that She would tear him in peices if he would not --

That his Mother baptized him in ShawShin River pulled of his
Cloths & put him into the River & that his Mother then told him he
was hers for Ever. That his Moth'r bid him afflict Mary Walkutt Ann Puttman & Sarah Phelps -- And that he went the 9'th Instant at
night to Jno Chandlers , that their were 10 in Company w'th him who
rid upon 2 Poles that there were 3 men in the Company & 2 of the
woeman belonged to Ispwich whose names ware Mary & Sarah
& that he Saw Betty Johnson in the Company & Conffesed that he did
the 9'th Instant at night afflict Sarah Phelps & Ann Puttnam by
pinching them. --

(In left margin) Thos Carrier

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24-5v, Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem.)