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SWP No. 49.7

(Susannah Sheldon v. Phillip English , Sarah Buckley , and Mary Witheridge )

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[++ May 17 1692 ]

The complaint of Susanna Shelden against phillip english the s'd
Susanah Shelden being at meetting on the Sabboth day being the 24 of aprill shee beeing aflicted in a very sad manner she saw phillip english step over his pew and pinshed her and a womand which came
from boston wich saith her name is [goodwy] when shee were com-
ing home against william Shaws house their met her phillip english
and a black man with a hy crouned hatt on his head and a book in
hish hand houlding the book to her and phillip english told her that
black man were her god and if shee would touch that boock hee
would not pinsh her no more nor no bodie els should

on the next day phillip english .came againe and pinshed her and
told her that if shee would not toutch the book hee would kill her --

on the second day at night apered to her two women and a man
and brought their books and bid her touct them shee told them
shee would not shee did not know wher they lived on of them
told her they lived at the villadge and held the book to her again and
bid her touch it shee told her shee did not know their nams on of
them told her shee was old good man buck lyes wife and the other
woman was her daughter mary and bid her touch the book shee told
no shee had not told her hou long shee had beene a witch then shee
told her shee had been a witch ten years and then shee opened her
brest and the black man gav her two litle things like yong cats and
she pit them to her brest and suckled them they had no hair on them
and had ears like a man

then they ofered her their books and shee refused the[m] then
they pinsh her and the man struck her on the head and went away --

on the third day their apeared a woman with out the dore sat
lafeing at her and came into the house and hopted upan-doun and
profered her the book and told her if shee would touch it shee would
not pinsh her shee told her wud.not she did not know her lived
told her she lived at Boston shee held her book [to] to her again
shee told her shee did not know her name shee told her her name was
good wife whits

the same day came goody buckly and her daughter and brought
books with them and told her if shee would touch their books they
would not pinsh her but shee refused then they pinshed her and went

then i was siting on the inside of the dore sill and goody buckly
came and stoped my mouth and Caried mee awai i know not how an
near a mile and told mee that now shee had mee at her Command if
i would not set my hand to her booke shee would kil mee then
william Shaw beeing plowing in his fathers feild heard a fearfull Cry
in a thicket of yong wod went to it and found her in a terribel maner
screaming and breacking of sticks and fighting in a violent manner

(Reverse) Susanah Shelden goody bucklie and her daughter
Phillip English

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 nos. 153, 154, 168 )