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SWP No. 22.35

(Memorandum in Case of George Burroughs )

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Memorand'm in mr George Burroughs Tryall besides the written
Evidences that was Sworne sev'll who gave theirs by word of mouth
& Major Browne holding Out a heavy Gun w'th One hand

Thomas Ruck of his sudden coming in after them & that he
could tell his thoughts.

Thomas Evans that he Carried Out Barrels Molossus & Meats &c
out of a Canoo whilst his mate.went to the fort for hands to help
out with them

Sarah Wilson Confess't that the night before mr Burroughs was
Executed that there was a great Meeting of the witches Nigh
Sarj't Chandlers that mr Burr. was there & they had the Sac't
& after they had done he tooke leave & bid them Stand to their faith,
& not own any thing

Martha Tyler saith the same w'th Sarah Wilson & Severall others
(on side) These Since the Execu[ibar ][obar ][nbar ] of Mr. Burro

(On reverse side of paper) Mr. Burr

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 17 )