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SWP No. 92.16

( Deposition of John Kimball v. Susannah Martin )

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[may the 16 1692]

The deposion of John Kembal of Amsbury aged 45 or upwards testifying sayth That about 23 years ago this deponent being about to remove from newbery to Amsbury having bought a peec of Land of Georg martin of Amsbury for which he was to pay him in catl or goods upon a certaine day in the march next following & when the day of payment was com martin & his wif came for the pay and the s'd Kembal offered them the choyc of three cows and other catl but did reserve two cows w'ch thay wear not free to part with thay being the first that ever thay had but Martin himself was satisfied with other pay but Susana his wif understanding from this deponent and his wif that thay woold not part with on of these 2 cows the s'd Susana martin sayd (you had ben as good you had) for shee will never do you any more good (and so it came to pass) for the next Aprill following that very Cow Lay in the [fayr] dry yard with her head to her side (But starc dead) and when shee was fleaced no Impedement did appear in her for she was a stout Lusty Cow

and in alitle while After another cow dyed & then an ox and then other catle to the value of 30£ that spring

sworne by John Kembal may the 16 1692


Jurat in Curia
*Robt Pike
(On reverse side of paper) John Kimball of Amesbury