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SWP No. 44a.2

(Indictment of Daniel Eames by Mary Warren. Returned Ignoramus)

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[May 9, 1692 ]

Province of ye Massachusetts Annoq RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae &c Bay in New England. Essex Quinto Annoqe: [Im 1693

The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen presents that Daniell Emmes of ------- in the County of Essex aforsd
In or about the thirteenth day of August last in the Yeare 1692 aforsd -- and divers other dayes & times as well before as after Certain Detestable Arts
Called witchcrafts and Sorceries wickedly Mallishiously and ffeloniously hath used
Practised and Exersised at and in the towne of Salem ---in the County of--- Essex aforesd: Upon and against one Mary Bradford ^Warren^ of Salem Single Woman -- by which wicked Arts the said Mary Warren--the day and year aforsaid and divers other dayes and times as well before as after, was
and is Tortured Afflicted Tormented Consumed Pined and wasted. against ye: Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne & Dignity and agt: the Lawes in that Case made and Provided/
Mary Walcott
An Putnam

(Reverse) Daniel Emms for Aflicting Mary Warren

Abraham Haseltine
foreman of ye Grand

UNCAT MS, Miscellaneous Manuscripts (1692), Salem Witchcraft Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA.