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SWP No. 32.2

(Summons for Witnesses to the Examination of Rachel Clinton)

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[April 21, 1692 ]

To Sarje't John Choate, sen'r. To Jonas Gregory, To James Burnam, all of Ipswich, Mary Andrews, Sarah Rogors, Marguriet Lord, Sary Halwell you & each of you are hereby Required in thair majesties names To make Your personall apperance before ye Worshipfull Maj'r Sam'll Appleton Esq., & ye Clerk of ye Court to be at ye house of Mr. John Spark in Ipswich on ye 22d Day of This Instant aprile, at two o'clock afternoon. Then and There to Give in Your severall respective Evidences in behalf of Rachell Clentons being a witch, who is Then and Thair to be upon further Examination. Therefore So make Your apperance according to this Sumons fail nott at your perril.

Ipswich, Dated aprill 21st, 1692 Curiam Tho's Wade, Clerk.

Ye Constable of Ipswich is alike Required to Give notis to ye said person, & to make returne as ye Law Directs. Curr T. W. Clk.

According to this within written I haue Sumonsed and warned them: to Apere According to Time & Place by me William Baker, Constable.

Dated this 22d of april, 1692.

Thomas Franklin Waters, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Ipswich, MA: Ipswich Historical Society, 1905):461.