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SWP No. 86.2

(Examination of Mary Lacey, Sr. )

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[July 21, 1692. ]

21 July 1692. A part of Goody Laceyes 2d Examination and confession to be added to the first. Before Mag'r Gedney Mr Hauthorn & Mr Corwin.

When Goody foster was upon examination the second tyme, Goody Lacey was brought in also, who said to her mother foster , we have forsaken Jesus christ, and the devil hath got hold of us, how shall we get cleare of this evil one:

she confesses that her mother foster, Goody Carryer & herself rid upon a pole to Salem Village meeting, and that the pole broke alittle way off from the village she sayth further that about 3 or 4 years agoe she saw Mistress Bradburry Goody How and Goody Nurse Baptised by the old Serpent at newburry falls And that he dipped theire heads in the water and then said thay wer his and he had power over them, she sayes there were six baptised at that tyme who were some of the chieff or heigher powers, and that there might be neare about a hundred in company at that tyme. It being asked her, after what maner she went to Newberry falls answered the devil carryed her in his armes, And sayth further that if she doe take a ragg, clout or any such thing and Roll it up together And Imagine it to represent such and such a persone; Then whatsoever she doth to that Ragg or clout so rouled up, The persone represented thereby will be in lyke manner afflicted. It being again asked her if what she had said was all true, she answered affirmatively, confessing also that Andrew Carryer was witch

She confesses that she afflicted Timothy Swan in Compa with Mistress Bradbury Goody Carryer Richard Carryer and her own daughter mary lacey, They afflicted him with an Iron spindle and she thinks they did once with a tobacko pipe

She said she was in Swans chamber and it being ask'd which way she got in answered the devil helpt her in at the window, she also remembers the afflicting of Ballards wife , and that Rich'd Carryer was ther also

She said further the devil take away her memory and will not let her remember.

(Reverse) Mary Lacey further confession

part of the Examination of Mary Lacey --

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 51. )