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SWP No. 87.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Mary Lacey, Jr. )

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[July 20, 1692]

To: The Sherriffe of the County of Essex or dep'ts of Constable in Andover

You are in theire Majests. names hereby required to apprehend and forthwith bring before us, Mary Lacey daugter of Lawrence Lacy of Andover single womun, who Stands Charged on behalfe of theire Maj'es with haveing Committed Sundry acts of Witchcraft on. Eliz ballerd the wife of Jos Ballerd of Andover. to her great hurt and that in order to her Examination Relateing to the abovesayed premises faile not

Dated Salem July 20th. 1692

You are likewise required to search deligently in the house & aboute it for popetts &c

*Bartho. Gedney

*John Hathorne

*Jonathan. Corwin

*John Higginson

Justs Peace

In obedience unto this warant I have Seased the body of the above Riton person: and brought her to the place apoynted: & delivered her: and allso made [sbar ][rbar ]ch for popetts or the like: with Two men and Two wimin: and found a persal of Rags [yean] tape and a persell of quils tied up that none of the family knew what it was for and brought them to you honers:: this 21: of July 1692

Per *Ephriam Foster

Constable of Andovr

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 400, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. Boston.)