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SWP No. 34.3

(Complaint and Recognizance of Benjamin Larobe)

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[October 1, 1692 ]

1st of october 1692

*Mary Browne

Benja Larobe Enters the within Complaint w'th their Majesties
Justices of Salem in behalfe of the said Mary Browne of Reding

The Mark

Benja' Larobe:

3: October 1692

Benja' Larobe. of Lin in the County of Essex obligeth him selfe to
our Soveraines Wm & Mary King & Queen of Engld & in the full
& whole Sum of one hundred pounds Currant mony of New England.
The Condition is that wheras the Said Larobe hath Entred a Com-
plaint w'th their Maj's Justices of the Peace at Salem in Behalf of
Mary Browne of Reding widow against Sarah Coale wife of John Coale of Lin for that she hath Sorly hurt the said Mary Browne by
witch craft, &c: that he the Said Larobe will & Shall procecut the
Said Complaint to Effect as the law directs

The Marke

Benja' Larobe

3 October 1692

This recognizance was taken before me