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SWP No. 90.1

(Examination of Jane Lilly and Mary Colson)

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[September 5, 1692 ]

Jane Lilly examined before their Majests Justices: att salem sept'r. 5th 1692 Jno. Hawthorn Esq'r: & others

When s'd Lilly was brought into: the Court of Justices: Mary Warin Eliz Boothe and others of the afflicted were struck Down into a Dredful fitt: & recovered again by a touch of s'd Lillyes hand: Mary Warin Allice Booth. & susanna Post & Mrs. Mary Marshall was asked who struck them down. They answered that it was s'd Lilly It: was s'd to her: Jane Lilly you are acused for afflicting Mrs. Mary Marshall by witchcraft: & now you have hurt many others: now you have an opportunity to: tell the truth: in this matter: but she answered: the truth was she knew nothing of it nor was she Sencible if she was in the Devills snare Mary Warin s'd she had sometimes Come to Procters hous but: she Denyed that ever she had: had: any Conference with Procter or his wife: she would not own: that she had any hand in killing of W'm Hooper : or in firing the hous: while he lay dead in it: or if she knew of his being killed with a Spear she: was bid to speak the truth: & she s'd she would for god was a god of truth: & she presently Spoke very hoars: Mary Warin coming out of a fitt & other of the afflicted sayd that the black man Choaked her: when she say god was a god of truth: Sam'll Wardwell: also s'd there was sever'l Gallans of wine that day prepared for W'm Hoopers buriall: that was Drunk up: and there was five shouts made in triumph at what they had done: Jno Brown sen'r s'd he heard a shouting about that time: that Hoopers hous was fired: the hous was on fire in the roofe first: both Maj'r Swayne Jno. Brown sen'r Declared: it was told s'd Lilly that she s'd: when goodwife Rice was taken up now we shall be Deprived of Drinking of sider:sarah Churchill s'd she had seen s'd Lilly att prison w'th Procters wife but she Denyed it: Lilly looked on the afflicted persons again &: severall of them fell down: being struck down with her look & by touch of her hand were helped up again & was well:

Wardwell also s'd that s'd Lilly : did triumph: when she went away from the firing of Hoopers hous but she s'd she was in her own hous all that time & that she never went: in body nor spirit nor had ever had any [inclynason] to witchcraft: Maj'r Sway told her she had bin a frequenter of DuStins hous: but she s'd if she confessed any thing of this she should Deny the truth & wrong her own soul: this is the Substance of Jane Lillyes : examination:

Attest *Simon Willard.

Mary Coulston examined before said Justices for the Maj'ties Sept. 5. 1692 Jno. Hathorn Esq're Mary Coultson: you are here acused for afflicting Mrs Mary Marshall by witchcraft Mrs Marshall with others fell Down at her Coming into the Court. s'd Coultson helped Mrs Marshall up by a touch of her hand: but s'd Coultson s'd she never hurt s'd Marshall in her life: Mrs Marshall was asked how long Coultson had afflicted her: she s'd: at times: she had afflicted her ever since her Mother Dastin had been in Prison and that she did it in vindication of her mother: These 3: Tayler: Lilly & Coultson came to me & s'd [through] Mr. Pearpoint song that Psalm: god will be a husband to the widdow: but he would be none to me they sayd: they told me also if I had served their god my husband had bin alive yet: but s'd Coulston was bid to look on the afflicted persons: and s'd some of the afflicted was bid to look on her: and Eliz Booth: & George Booths wife & Allice Booth with others: was struck Down with her look & afflicted & helpted up & was well by a touch of Coultsons hand: they were asked when they were well agayn who hurt: them & s'd it was Coultson it was told Coultson it was evident that she acted witchcraft now before them: & it was like to apear that she had a hand in W'm Hoopers Death & in Ed Marshals Death: And she s'd if she should Confes she should be by her selfe: examined before Jno. Hawthorn Esq're: & others their Majests: Justice.

this is the substance of what Mary Coultson s'd at her examination,


*Simon Willard


I und'r written: being appointed by Authority: to take the within examination: Doe testifie upon oath taken in Court that this is a true Coppy of the Substance of it to: the best of my knowledge Janu'ry 5: 1692/3

*Simon Willard

the within Jane Lilie was exami[nbar ]ed before their majesties Justices of the peace in Salem

atest *John Higginson Just'e peace

Owned before the Grand Jury

5 January 1692/3

*Robert Payne: Foreman:

I und'r written: being appinted by Authority to take the within examination doe testifie upon oath taken in Court: that this is a true Coppy of the Substance of it: to the best of my knowledge.

Jan'y 5 1692/3: *Simon Willard.

the within Mary Colson was Examined before their [M] ajesties Justi[c]es of the peace in salem

atest *John Higginson Just'e peace

owned before the Grand Jury

5 January 1692/3
*Robert Payne Foreman
( Suffolk Court Files, Vol 32 Docket No. 2714 p. 52 )