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(Examination of Mary Toothaker)

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30 July 1692 The Examination and confession of widow Toothaker Taken before Majo'r Gidney m'r Hauthorn m'r Corwin & Cap'n Higginson.

After many questiones and negative answe's returned and her stricking down of severall of the afflicted persones with her looks, she was desired to tell the truth in this matter She then said that this may last she was under great discontentedness & troubled w'h feare about the Indians, & used often to dream of figheting with them. Being asked what was the devils temptation under her discontent[mbar]t She said she would confess if she could But that there was something at her breast that hindered her. she said she had often prayed but thought she was the worse for prayeing and knows not but that the devil hes tempted her not to pray, for #(my) her breath has been often stopt as it was just now; Being asked if the devil did not Desier her to renounce her baptisme, she answered that she had thoughts she was rather the worse for her baptisme and has wished she had not been baptised because she had not improved it as she ought to have done She saith she used to get into a corner alone and desired to pray but her mouth would be stopt but sometymes she had been helped to say Lord be mercifull to me a sinner. Being again asked how far she had yeilded to Satan she said the devil promised her she should not be discovered and if she wer discovered & brought down that she should goe home Innocent & cleare but now find he hes deluded her Being again asked how long it is since Satan first wrought with her in this manner she said she could not well tell how long but thinks it is not two years And confesses that she went in her spirit to Timothy Swans, and did often think of him & her hands would be clinched together, And that she would grip the dishclout or any #(thgelee) thing else. and so think of the persone; And by this & afflicting of othe's since she came down she is convinced she is a witch -- she saith now, the devil appeared to her in the shape of a Tawny man and promeised to keep her from the Indians & she should have happy dayes with her sone -- she was asked if she did not signe the devills book; answered he brought something which she took to be a peece of burch bark, and she made a mark with her finger by rubbing off the whit Scurff. And he promised if she would serve him she should be safe from the Indians (she was then a litle stopt again & believed it was the devil that did it) Being asked if the Devil did not say she was to serve him Answered yes, and signed the mark upon that condition and was to praise him w'h her whole heart, And it was to that appearance she prayed at all tymes for he said he was able to delyver her from the Indians And it was the feare of the Indians that put her upon it She confesses she hurt Timothy Swan and thinks she was twice at salem Village witch meeting and that goody bridges was one of her company -- she said as she came along in order to examinan she promised herself twenty tymes by the way (but fea's it was to the devil) That if she should dye upon the Gallowse yet she would not say any thing but that she was Innocent And rejoyced In the thought of it that she should goe home Innocent, -- she saith that Goody Green and Goody Broomage were also her companions and that Broomage afflicted Swan by squeezeing his armes, And is afrayd that she the s'd toothaker squeezed his throat -- she said further that when Goody Bridges (who had confessed before) urged her also to confess she had then no remembrance of this but with the justices discourse and the help of god it came into her mynd. She saith she thought that that appearance was God her creator & being asked if she did not know otherwise answered The devil is so subtil that when she would confess he stops her and deluds also by scripture and being asked what scripture he made use of to her she mentioned that in the psalms where it is said Let my enemies be confounded, And so shee hes wished them all Destroyed that raised such reports of her--She confesses that her sister was with her at all the meetings & particularly at Salem Village & there went with her Goody Bridges Goody foster Goody Green & Goody broomage Severall afflicted persones said they saw the black man before her in the tyme of her examination And she now herself confesses she saw him upon the table before her She sayes further there was a minister a litle man whose name is Burroughs that preached at the village meeting of witches, and she heard that they used bread & wine at these meetings And that they did talk of 305 witches in the countrey she sayth their discourse was about the pulling down the Kingdome of christ and setting up the Kingdom of Satan, And also Knew Goody How among the rest Being asked if their was not a woman that stirred them up to afflict swan Answered yes there was a pretty elderly woman that was most busie about him and encouraged the rest to afflict him. She thinks she set hir hand to that book at Salem Village meeting And thinks the end of all their setting their hands to that book was to come in, and afflict & set up the Devils Kingdome She being asked if her husband did not speak to his daughter to Kill one Bulton a reputed witch, Answered yes, and that they used to read many historyes, especially one book that treated of the 12 signes, from which book they could tell a great deal. -- she saith she never knew her daughter to be in this condition before this summer, But that she was at Sallem village meeting once with her, she cannot tell that her daughter did then signe the book but a great many did. Being asked how many were of her Society she said Goody Broomage , foster , green , the two mary Laceyes older and younger, Richard Carryer, her sister Carryer and another aged woman. She sayth she heard the Beating of a drum at the village meeting And thinks also she heard the sound of a trumpet

I underwritten being appointed to take the above & within examinat[?] in wryting Doe testify upon oath taken in court That this is a true coppy of the substance of it, to the best of my knowledge;

6't Jan'ry in 1692/3

*W'm Murray

The within named Mary Toothaker was examined by their Majesties Justices of the peace in Salem

Mary Toothaker: Examined 30 July 1692: -- acused Goody Bridges 2 lacys Goody Gren Goody Brumage R'd Carier

*Atest Jno Higginson Just'ce peace. owned before the Grand Jurey: 6 January 1692 atest.

Goody Carier

Goody foster

M'r Burroughs.

Goody How.

Math. Emerson

afflicted Timo Swan

*Robert Payne


( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2713 Page 50 )