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SWP No. 19.2

(Indictment v. Sarah Bridges for Covenanting)

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[+ January 12, 1693 ]

Province of the Mattathusets Bay in New Engl. Essex ss. Anno R. R's & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Nunc Ang liae &c quarto Annoq'e Domini. 1692

The Jurors for Our Soveraign Lord & Lady the King & Queen
doe [pbar ]r'sent That Sarah Bridges of Andover Singlewoman Some-
time in the yeare of Our Lord #[1692] One Thousand Six hundred Ninety One at Andover afores'd in the County aforesaid Wickedly felon-
iously and Malitiously a Covenant with the Evil Spirit the Devill
did Make & Signed to his Booke by Making a Red Marke Renounc-
ing God and Christ & Gave her Soul & Body to the Devil and was
Baptized by him by which Diabolicall Covenant the Said Sarah Bridges is become a detestable Witch Contrary to the peace of Our
Soveraign Lord & Lady the King & Queen & the Laws in that Case
Made & provided

Witness her Owne Confession
acknowledged before Authority

(Reverse) Sarah Bridges Indictm't Cont -- w'th the Devill Vide con-
fession .

Billa Vera Robert Payne foreman. Ponet Se. Not Guilty

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 40. Massachusetts State Archives.)