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SWP No. 126.4

( John Louder , Samuel King , and Daniel Bacon v. Job Tookey )

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John Lauder aged about 32 yeares testifieth that Job Tuckey of Beverly Labourer did this day say; that he can #[could] as freely discourse the Divell as well as he speaking to him s'd Lauder, #[Capt Jona) Samuell #(Walcot)] Samuell King & Daniell Bacon sen'r also Testifieth that thay heard him say soe to John Lauder as aboves'd

Sworne by all the three above named

Salem June the 4 1692
Ju[rbar ][spacebar ]in Cur
*Jona' Elatson Cler
( Mass. Archives, Vol. 135 No. 27 )