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SWP No. 117.1

(Examination of Henry Salter )

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The Examination #(and confession) of Henry Salters. Taken before Jno Hauthorn Esq'r & other their majesties Justices.

In the tyme of his Examination He struck down with his eye Mary warrin mary walcot Rose foster & mary Lacey And recovered them by touching of them with his hand mary walcot said he hurt her the last thursday, & almost choaked her to death upon the last Sabath day she saw him afflict Timothy swan [ ] Barnam and Goody Bigsby Mary Warren and saw him afflict Martha Sprague saw him afflict hannah Post . Mary warrin said he told her he used his witchcraft by the Key & bible & sometymes by the sieve & scisse's. she also saw the black man -- 2 women one man and a company of Litle ones before him. [?] when was it that the company of witches were at yo'r house and the whyte men drove them away A. I never knew of any such thing, but afterwards said he had told one Goody Lovejoy something but knew not what -- He ownes he has told Lyes before now and been in drink also/ #(This is a true)cop I underwritten being appointed by auhe[oath] to take in wryteing the above examination Doe testify upon oath taken in xourt that this is a true coppy of the substance of it, to the best of my knowledge --

5 January 1692/3
*W'm Murray
the above Hen Salter was Examined before their majesties Justices of peace in Salem
atest *John. Higginson Just'e peace.
Hen'r Salter Exa.7.7.92 Owned before

afflicted: Mary Walcot
Mary Warren
Rose foster
Mary lacy
Timo Swan
Goody Bigsby
Martha Sprage
the Grand Jury 5: January 1692/3
*Robert Payne
( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2702 Page 24 )