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SWP No. 49.6

(Mercy Lewis v. Phillip English , Mary English , Lydia Dustin , Elizabeth Johnson Jr, & Thomas Farrer )

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[January 12, 1693]

The Deposition of Mercy Lewis Aged [illegible] this De-
ponant Testifieth & saith that Last night Philip English & his Wife
came to mee also Goodwife Dassten Eliz Johnson & old pharoh of
Linn: s'd Mrs English urged mee to set my hand to a Booke & told
mee she would Afflict mee Dreadfully & kill mee if I did not, s'd also
if I would but touch the Booke I should bee well, or else I should
never, s'd Mrs English s'd she might bring the Book now she thought
ever one of them would bee Cleared, & now at this present time be-
fore the Grandjury s'd Philip English , his Wife, & old pharoh, come
into the Roome or their shape & Stroke mee on the Brest: & almost
Choaked mee & s'd they would Strangle mee if they Could

owned before the Granjury upon the
oath she had taken Jen'y 12th 1692/3

Attests *Robert.Payne

( Salem Selections, Massachusetts Box, Essex Co., Manuscripts & Archives, New York Public Library. )