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SWP No. 78.16

(Deposition of Mercy Lewis v. George Jacobs, Sr. )

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[+ August 4, 1692]

The deposistion of Mercy Lewes who testifieth and saith that on 20th: April 1692: att or about midnight there appeared to me the apperishtion of an old; very gray headed man and tould me that his name was George Jacobs and that he had had two wives and he did tortor me and beate me with a stick which he had in his hand: and urged me to writ in his book which I refused to doe: and so he hath continewed ever sence by times coming sumtimes with two sticks in his hands to afflect me still tempting me to writ in his book: but most dredfull he fell upon me and did tortor me on the 9th of May at eveing after I came whom from the Examination of his maid: threating to kill me that night if I would not writ in his book; because I did witnes against his maid and perswaded her to confess but because I would not yeald to his hellish temtations he did tortor me most cruelly by bating me with the two sticks which he had in his hands: and allmost redy to pull all my bones out of joynt tell my strenth and, hartt was Redy to fail but being up held by an Allmighty hand and incouraged by them that stood by I indured his tortors that night. the 10th May he againe sett upon me and afflected me most greviously a great many times in the day: still urging me to writ in his book: but att evening he againe tortored me most greviously by pinching me and beating me black and blue and threating to kill me if I would not writ in his book but I tould him I would not writ in his book tho he did kill me and tare me all to peaces: then he profered me to give me gold and many figne things if I would writ in his book: but I tould him I would not writ in his book if he would give me all the world then againe he did tortor me most greviously but at last went away from me: also on the 15th May 1692. being the day of the Examination of George Jacobs then I saw that it was that very man that tould me his name was George Jacobs and he did also most dreadfully torment me allmost redy to kill me and I verily beleve in my hart that George Jacobs is a most dreadfull wizzard and that he hath very often afflected and tormented me #[and Mary Walcott andn Elizabeth Hubbard] by his acts of witchcraft.

Mercy Lewis declared to the Jury of Inquest that: the above written evidence [is the] truth.

(Reverse) Marcy Lewis ag't Geo. Jacobs

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 229. )