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SWP No. 78.3

(Examinations of George Jacobs, Sr. )

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The Examination of Geo: Jacobs Sen'r 10 May. 1692

Here are them that accuse you of acts of witchcraft

Well, let us hear who are they, and what are they.

Abigail Williams - Jacobs laught.

Because I am falsely accused. -- Your worships all of you do you think this is true?

Nay, what do you think?

I never did it.

who did it?

Dont ask me.

Why should we not ask you? Sarah Churchwell accuseth you, there she is.

I am as innocent as the Child born to night, I have lived. 33. years here in Salem.

What then?

If you can prove that I am guilty, I will lye under it, Sarah

Churchwell said last night I was afflicted at Deacon Ingersolls , and Mary Walcot said it was a man with 2 staves, it was my master.

Pray do not accuse me, I am as clear as your worships; you must do right judgments.

What book did he bring you Sarah?

The same that the other woman brought.

The Devill can go in any shape.

Did he not [be] appear on the other side of the river and hurt you, did not you see him.

Yes he did.

Look there, she accuseth you to your face, she chargeth you that you hurt her twise. Is it not true?

What would you have me say? I never wronged no man in word nor deed.

Here are 3 evidences.

You tax me for a wizard, you may as well tax me for a buzard I have done no harm.

Is it no harm to afflict these?

I never did it.

But how comes it to be in your appearance?

The Devil can taken any likeness.

Not without their consent.

Please your worship it is untrue, I never showed the book, I am as silly about these things as the child born last night.

That is your Saying, you argue you have lived so long, but what then Cain might live long before he killed Abel, and you might live long before the Devill had so prevailed on you.

Christ hath suffered 3 times for me.

What three times.

He suffered the Crosse & gall --

You had as good confesse (said Sarah Churchwell) if you are guilty.

Have you heard that I have any witchcraft?

I know you lived a wicked life.

Let her make it out.

Doth he ever pray in his family?

Not unless by himself.

Why do you not pray in your family?

I cannot read.

Well but you may pray for all that. Can you say the Lords prayer?

Let us hear you?

He mist in severall parts of it, and could not repeat it right after Many Trialls

Sarah Churchwell, when you wrote in the book you was showed your masters name you said.

Yes Sir.

If she say so, if you do not know it, what will you say?

But she saw you, or your likeness tempt her to write.

one in my likeness, the Devil may present my likeness.

Were you not frighted Sarah Churchwell, when the representation of your master came to you?


Well: burn me, or hang me, I will stand in the truth of Christ, I know nothing of it.

Do you know nothing of getting your son George and his daughter Margaret to signe?

No nothing at all.

The 2d Examination of said George Jacobs

11. May, 1692.

The bewitched fell into most grevious fits and screhings when he came in.

Is this the man that hurts you?

Abig Williams cryed out this is the man and fell into a violent fit.

Ann Putman said this is the man, and he hurts her, and brings the book to her, and would have her write in the book, and she should be as well as his Grand daughter.

Mercy Lewis is this the man?

This is the man (after much interruption by fits) he almost kills me.

Eliz: Hubbard said the man never hurt her till to day he came upon the Table.

Mary Walcot is this the man?

After much interruption by fits she said this is the man, he used to come with two staves and beat her with one of them.

What do you say, are you not a witch?

No I know it not, if I were to dye presently.

Mercy Lewes went to come near him but fell into great fits.

Mercy Lewes testimony read. What do you say to this?

Why it is false, I know not of it, any more than the child that was born to night.

Ann Putman said yes, you told me so, that you had been so this: 40 years.

Ann Putman and Abigail Williams had each of them a pin stuck in their hands, and they said it was this old Jacobs .

Abigail Williams Testimony read.

Are not you the man that made disturbance at a Lecture in Salem.

No great disturbance. Do you think I use witchcraft?

Yes indeed

No I use none of them.

(Reverse) The Examination of Geo: Jacobs, Sen'r.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 224. )