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SWP No. 8.3

(Indictment v. Mary Barker for Afflicting Abigail Martin )

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[+ January 13, 1693 ]

2nd Paper

Essex in New England ss/ Annoq'e RR's & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c quarto Anno Domini 1692//

The Juriors for our Soveraigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen
doe present That Mary Barker of Andiver in the County of Essex
aforesaid On or about the 29'th Day of August last In the yeare
1692 aforsaid and divers other days and times both before and after,
Certaine detestable Arts called Witchcraft & Sorceries Wickedly
felloniously & Mallitiously hath used practised and Exercised in & upon
the Body of Abigaill Martin of Andivor #[] at and within the Township
of Andivor aforesaid, by which said Wicked Acts the said Abigaill Martin
the day aforsaid in the yeare aforesaid And at Divers other days and
times as well before as After was and is Tortured aflicted and Tormented.
And injured ["And Injured" written over "and thereby"] consumed pined and
wasted, Against the peace of our Soveraigne Lord and Lady King and
Queen theire Crowne and dignity and the Statute of the first of
King James #[in] the first in that Case made and provided

(Reverse) Mary Barker for bewitching Abigaill Martin

Billa vera
*Robert Payne foreman:
ponet se
Not Guilty

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2678, p. 9.)