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SWP No. 92.10

( Testimony of John Pressey v. Susannah Martin )

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The Testamony of John Pressy of Amsbury aged 53 years or therabouts takn before me at my house at Salsbury the eleventh day of may Ano: Dom. 1692 is as followeth That about twenty fower year ago: he this deponent was at Amsbury ferry upon a saterday in the eving near about the shutting in of the day light (w'ch was about three mile from his house) and as he was going hom alitle beyond the field of Georg martin at a hill caled goodals hill this deponent was be wildered and Lost his way & having wandered a while he cam bake againe to the same place which he knew by stooping trees in that plac

W'ch pceiving he set out agine & steered by the moone w'ch shone brite and was a gaine Lost and came bake againe to the same place

And then sett out the 3d time in Lik manner and was be wildered and came back but not so far as before: but knew whear he was and so sett himself in his way as before: and in Less then half a mile going he saw a Light stand on his Left hand about too rod out of the way: it semd to be about the bignes of a half bushell but this deponent Kept on his way & Left it: and in a matter of seven or eight rod going it appeared againe at the Lik distance from him as before: & so it did againe the 3d time: but the deponet past on his way: and in Less then twenty rod going the same or such another Light Lay in his way: and he having a stik in his hand did with the end of it indevered to stir it out of the plac and to give it som smale blows with it: and the Light seemd to brust up & wave from side to side as a turky cock when he sprads his tayle but went not out of the plac which [pbar ]ceiving this deponent Layd it on with his stik with all his might he thinks he gave her at Lest forty blows: and so was going away and Leave it: but as he was going his heals wear struk up & he Layd on his bak on the ground & was sliding into a deep plac (as to him seemd) but taking hold of som brush or bushes & so recoverd himself: & having Lost his coat which he had upon his Arme went bak to the Light saw his coate & took it up & went home without any more disturbanc ther:

he farther say that he do not know any such pitt to be in the place that he was sliding into he also sayth that when he did strik at the Light he did certainly feel a substanc w'th his stik

he farther sayth that after his striking it & his recovering himself and going on his way as afores'd when he had gon about: 5: or:6: rod he saw Susana martine then wif of Georg martin of Amsbury standing on his Left hand as the Lights had don ther shee stood & Lookt upon him & turned her face after him as went along but sayd nothing nor did nothing to this deponent but that he went home as afors'd only he againe over went his owne house but knowing the ground he was upon returned and found his owne house but being then seazed with fear coold not speake till his wif spake to him at the dore & was in such condision that his family was afrayd of him which story being caryd to the Towne the next day: it was upon enquirey understood (that the s'd good wif martin was in such a miseribl case and in such payn that thay swabbed her body (as was reported)

(Reverse) This deponant farther sayth that these things being noysed abroad maj'r Pike sent for this deponent and had an accompt of the case: but seemd to be troubled that this deponent had not told him of it in season that shee might have ben vewed to have seen w't her ayle was. John pressy aforsayd made oathe to the truth of what is written in these too sides of the paper the eleventh day of may Anno: Dom: 1692. before me *Robt Pike Asist