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SWP No. 92.12

( Bernard Peach v. Susannah Martin )

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[May 11, 1692]

The deposion of Barnerd peache aged: 43: or thereabouts who testifying sayth That about six or seven year sinc this deponent Living at the house of Jacob morall in Salsbury being in bed on alords day night he heard a [scratching] at the window he this deponent saw susana martin wif of George martin of Amsbury com in at the window & Jumpt downe upon the flower shee was in her whud & scarf and the same dress that shee was in before at metting the same day being com in shee was coming up toward this deponents face but turned back to his feet and took hold of them & drew up his body into a heape & Lay upon him about an hour & half or 2: hours in all w'ch taim this deponent coold not stir nor speake but feelling himself begining to be loosined or Lightned: he begining to strive he put out his hand a mong the clothes and took hold of her hand and brought it up to his mouth and bitt three of the fingers (as he Judg) to the breaking of the bones which don the s'd martin . went out of the Chamber downe the stayrs and out of the dore

And as soon as shee went away this deponent caled to the peopl of the house and told them w't was don and that shee s'd martin was now gon out of the dore this deponent did also follow her, but the peopl did not see her (as they sayd) but without the dore there was abuket on the Left hand side: and there was a drop of blod in the bucket & too more upon the snow: for there was alitle flight of snow: and ther wear the print of her 2: feett about afoot without the threshall but no more footting did appear

2. he farther deposeth that somtime after this as he suposeth about 3 weeks after the said martin desired this deponent to come and husk corne at her house the next Lords day night say that if I did not com it wear better that I did but this deponent did not go: being then Living with W'm Osgood of the s'd Salsbury: and that night the s'd susana martin and another came out of the shop into the barne and on of them said hear he is and then came towards this deponent he having a quarter staf made a blow at them but the ruff of the barne prevented it: and they went away but this deponent followed them and as thay wear going to ward the window made another blow at them and struk them both down but away they went out at the shop window & this deponent saw no more of them and the Rumer went that the s'd martin had abroken head at that time but the deponent cannot speake to that upon his owne knowlig

Sworne may the eleventh: 1692:

before me *Robt Pike Asist

(Reverse side of paper) Barnard Peache

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 184. )