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SWP No. 91.2

(Examination of Mary Marston)

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August 29th 1692 Before Majr Gedney Mr Hathorne Mr Corwin & John Higginson Esqr --- --- --- ---
The Examination & Conffession of Mary Marston wife of Jno Marston Junr
of Andiver --- --- --- --- ---
Being asked how long she had practised witchcraft a week agoe Since she
gave ^consent or^ leave to afflict She sd heard a voyce in ye nighttime which desired
leave ^of her^ to afflict & she answerd yes & bing asked if She had not afflicted
abigall Martin she sd ye Divel did it for her, sd Abigall Marttin
being in Choaking fitt Mary Lacy saw Wm Barker --------------

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[in left margin: 1692] & This Mary Marston afflicting of Her Sd lacey Saw ym also afflictt
Martha Sprauge ---- The sd Mary Martston being agin asked how long it
was since she was first seduced she sd sometime in ye last Winter, & yt
being at home in her owne house & her husband absent she saw ye apearan^ce^
of a black man In ye Evening a litle after it was dark she sd ye black man
bid her serve him & believe ^in^ him, he also offered apaper book wth out Covers
to Signe wch she did wth a pen dipt in Ink & therwith made a stroake He told
her she should not be discovered & he also told her he was ye Divel & yt she
should live happily, she again sd it was not above aweek agoe since ye
Divel asked her Consent to afflict & yt Yesterday being Sabbath day &
ye 28th of ye Mon. She afflicted abigal Martin, & Martha Sprauge ye Satterday
before. She again sd yt on ye mooday before yt she only heard a voice & yt
if it was any body it was ye Divel yt taught her this witch craft Being asked
what She was to doe when ye persons Should be afflicted Answered to pinch &
Squeez her hands to [word crossed out: gether?] gether & soe think upon ye persons to be afflicted
she saith yt wm Barker & She afflicted in Compy Togethr ye last Satterday
& it was by their Spirits they Conversed & agreed so to doe & they mett at Mr Tylers House for yt End, & further they began their affliction upon Martha Sprauge Next upon Rosse foster & yn upon Abigal Martin ---------
Martha Sprauge sd yt she was afflicted last Satterday at Salem By sd
Marston & others ye sd Marston being asked how long she was Coming from
Andiver to Salem upon Satterday in her Spirit Answered [abbreviated as: A] Not long Q: how brought
you A. ye black man and sd also yn Came along wth her Wm & Mary Barker & yt she Viz Marston for He part Squeezed Sprauges Neck
being asked wt moved her to afflict ^any^ persons she sd ye Divel Made her do
it & when she Refused he looked angry & Threatned her much ----
Noate, yt Hitherto she still struck Downe ye afflicted persons wth her Eyes & recovered
them again by laying Her Hand upon there Riste or armes ---- Being asked how
long it was since ye Divel seduced Her A: @ 3 years agoe (Noate Lacey &
Sprauge saw ye apperittions of ye black man & Willm Barker standing
before sd Mary Marston) The black man appeared to her in ye Greate room
@ 3 years Since & told her she must serve & Worship him & so she did
& yt was ye first time she signed ye Divels book, she saith yt Wm
& Mary Barkers were her Companians she acknowledges ye Hurting
of ye afflicted persons & was sorry for it butt Yett Could not look on ym
without Stricking ym downe ----- a little after she Confessed she wa
at ye witch meetting at Salem Village & yt she did Rid upon a pole
& ye metting was Upon a Green Martha Sprauge said ye aperitons told
Marston she had Conffesed to Much already & Therefore would not
lett her speak any More
Mary Marston Signed and owned the abovesd
Examination & Conffession before
me John Higginson Justc pease
15 Sept 1692
The Mark of Mary Marston
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