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SWP No. 94.29

( Deposition of Ann Putnam Sr. , v. Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse And Testimony of Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Rebecca Nurse: and Martha Cory: )

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[+ March 24, 1692]

The Deposistion of Ann putnam the wife of Thomas putnam agged about 30 years Who testifieth and saith that on the: 18'th march
1691/92 I being wearied out in helping to tend my poor afflected Child and Maid: about the middle of the affternoon I laye me down on the bed to take a little Rest: and Immediatly I was allmost prest and Choaked to death: that had it not been for the mircy of a gratious God and the help of those that ware with me: I could not have lived many moments: and presently I saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory who did tortor me so as I cannot Express Redy to tare me all to peaces: and then departed from me alitle while: but before I could recover strenth or well take breath the Apperishtion of Martha Cory fell upon me again with dreadfull tortors
and hellish temtations to goe along with hir and she also brought to me a little Red book in hir hand and a black pen urging me vehemently to writ in hir book: and severall times that day she did most greviously tortor
me allmost redy to kill me and on the 19'th march: Martha Cory againe appeared to me and also Rebekah nurs the wife of fra[n]ces nurs sen'r and they both did tortor
: me agrate many times this day with such tortors
as no toungu can Express because I would not yeald to their Hellish temtations that had I not been upheild by an Allmighty Arme I could not have lived while night the 20'th march being sabboth day I had agrat deal of Respitt. between my fitts: 21'th march being the day of the Examinati of martha Cory: I had not many fitts tho I was very weak my strenth being as I thought almost gon: but on the: 22 march 1691/92 the Apperishtion of Rebekah nurs did againe sett upon in a most dreadfull maner very early in the morning as soon as it was well light and now she appeared to me only in hir shift #[and night cap] and brought a litle Red book in hir hand urging me vehemently to writ in hir book and because I would not yeald to hir hellish temtations she threatened to tare my soule out of my body: blasphemously denying the blessed God and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to save my soule and denying severall places of scripture which I tould hir of: to Repell hir hellish temtations and for near Two hours together at this time the Apperishtions of Rebekah Nurs did temp and tortor me before she left me as if indeed she would have kiled me: and allso the grates part of this day with [b]ut very little respitt: 23 march: I am againe affleted by the Apperishtions of Rebekah nurs: and martha Cory: but Cheafly by Rebekah nurs: 24: march being the days of the Examination of Rebekah Nurs: I was severall times afflected in the morning by the Apperishtion of Rebekah Nurs: but most dreadfully tortored by hir in the time of hir examination: in so much that The Honoured Majestraits gave my Husband leave to cary me out of the meeting house: and as soon as I was caryed out of the meeting house dores it pleased Allmighty God for his free grace and mircy sake to deliver me out of the paws of thos Roaring lions: and jaws of those tareing bears that ever sence that time they have not had power so to afflect me

until this.31. May. 1692 at the same moment that I was hearing my Evidence read by the honoured Magistrates to take my Oath I was again re-assaulted & tortured by my before mentioned Tormentor Rebekah Nurse .

Sworne Salem Village May the 31't 1692

Before us

*John Hathorne ] Assis'ts

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts

ann putnam senear appearid before us the Juerris of Inquest: and oned this har evidens this. 3'r dy of June: 1692

The testimony of Ann Putman jun'r witnesseth & saith that being in the Room when her mother was afflicted she saw Martha Kory Sarah Cloyes & Rebekah Nurse or their apparition upon her mother

Testified to the truth thereof by

Ann putnam Salem May. 31't 1692

Before us

*John Hathorne ] Assis'ts

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts

(On reverse side of paper) Ann putnam ag't Kory & Nurce

( Essex Institute Collection, No. 22. Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA )