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SWP No. 8.2

(Examination of Mary Barker , Copy)

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[ August 29, 1692 ]

29'th August 1692 Before Maj'r Gidney M'r Hathorne M'r Corwin
The Examination And Confession of Mary Barker of Andivor
afte Several Questions Propounded & Neagative ans'rs
Returned She at last acknowledged that Goody Johnson Made her
a witch & that Some time last sumer she made a red mark in the
Divels book w'th the forefinger of her left hand & the Divel would
have her hurt Martha Sprage Rose Foster & Abigall Martin w'ch
She did on Satterday & Sabbath day last. She Said She was not above
a Quart'r of an hour a Coming Dwone from Andivor to Salem to
afflict She S'd She afflicted the above S'd 3 p'rsons by Squezing her
hands She Confesses She was at the witch Metting at Salem Village
w'th her Unckle, there was a grate many there & of her Company was
only her Unckle Wm Barker &. Mary Marston Martha Sprage S'd
that Mary Barkers apperition told that She was baptized at 5 Mile
pond -- S'd Mary Barker S'd ther was Such a load & weight at her
Stomack that Hindred her from Speaking & is afrayd She has Given
up herself Soul & body to The Divel She Says She promised to Serve
worship & beleive in him & he promised to pardon her #[] Sins but finds
he has deceived her & that She was left of god & all good people
& that Goody Johnson & Goody falkner apeared at the Same time
& threatned to tear her in peices if She did not doe what She then did
She further Said that She had Seen no aperance Since but a fly #[that had]
w'ch did Speak to her & bid her afflict these poor Creaturs w'ch She did
by pinching With Clinching of her hands for w'ch She is Sorry
& furthe the Divel told her it would be Very brave & Cliver for her to
Come Dwone to Salem among these acused p'rsons & that She
Should Never be brought out She promised to Confese wh't more
She Shall hearafter Rememb'r

Mary Barker Signed & owned the abovesaid Examination & Confession
before me

*Jn'o Higginson Justice
of Peace

17'th Sep't
The X Marke
Mary Barker
( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 6v-7r.)