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SWP No. 133.7

( Ephraim Foster v. Samuel Wardwell)

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The deposetion of Ephraim foster of Andovr: aged about thirty five #(six) years this deponant testifyeth and sayeth: that he heard: Samuell wordwall: the prisoner now at the bare #[tell] my wife: that she should have five gurls: before: she should: have: a son: which thing is Come to pase: and I heard him tell dority Eames hur forten: #(which he did:) and I have heard: said dority: say after that she belived wardwall was a: witch. Or Els he Cold never tell what he did: and I took knotes: that: said wardwall: would look in their hand: and then would Cast his Eyes down: upon the ground allways before he told Eny thing this I have both seen and heard severall times: and about severall persons & that he Could make Cattle come to him when he pleased

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) foster & Martin Vs Wardw'll
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 28 )