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SWP No. 21.4

(Testimony of the Revs. John Higginson and Samuel Cheever for Sarah Buckley )

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[January 2, 1693]

Being desired by goodman Buckly to give my testimony to his
wives conversation before this great Calamity befell her, I cannot
refuse to bear witnes to the truth, viz that during the time of her
living in Salem for many years in Communion with this Church hav-
ing occasionally frequent converse & discourse with her, I have
never observed my selfe nor heard from any other any thing that
was unsuitable to a Conversation becoming the Gospel; & have all-
wayes looked upon her as a serious Godly woman

*John Higginson

Marblehead: Jan: 2: 1692/3:
Upon the same request, having had the like opportunity by her resi-
dence many years att Marblehead, I can do no less then give the
alike testimony for her pious conversation, during her abode in this
place and communion with us
*Samuel Cheever.
( Massachusetts Archives Vol. 135 No. 99, Massachusetts State Archive. )
(Reverse) Mr Higgison & their Certiffi[Lost]