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SWP No. 92.25

(Deposition of Thomas Putnam v. Susannah Martin )

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[++ May 2, 1692]

The deposistion of Tho. putnam agged 40 years & #[Ed putnam] agged 38 yers who testifie and say that we have ben conversant with the afflected parsons or the most of them, as namly mary walcott mercy lewes Eliz: Hubbard Abigail Williams sarah vibber and Ann putnam Jun. and have often heard the afforementioned parsons complain of susannah martin of Amsbery tortoring them and we have seen the marks of severall bittes and pinchs which they said susannah martin did hirt them with and also on the 2 day of may 1692 being the day of the examination of susannah martin the affornamed parsons ware mostreviously tortored dureing the time of hir examination for upon the glance of hir eies they ware strucken down or allmost choak and upon the motion of hir finger we took notes they ware afflected and if she did but clench hir hands or hold hir head aside the afflected parsons affor mentioned ware most greviously tortored in like maner and several times sence we have seen them tortored compl[nbar ][ibar ]ng of susannah Martin for hurting them