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SWP No. 129.3

( Thomas Gage and [] Pickworth v. Roger Toothaker )

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The Deposition of Thomas Gage Aged aboute #[six &] thirty six years #(of Age)

This Deponant saith & doth testifie that sometime this Last spring of the year, that Docter Toothaker was in his house in Beverly (upon some occasion) & we Descoursed aboute John Mastons Childe of salem that was then sick & haveing unwonted fitts: & Likewise another Childe of Phillip Whites of Beverly who was then strangly sick I perswaded sd Toothaker to goe & see sd Children and sd toothaker answered he had seen them both allready and that his opinion was they were under an Evill hand And farther sd Toothaker sd that his Daughter had kild a witch & I asked him how she Did it, & sd Toothaker answered readily that his Daughter had Learned something from him I asked by what means she Did it, & he sd that there was a [a] Certaine person bewitched & sd person Complained of beeing afflicted by another person that was suspected by the afflicted person: & farther sd Toothaker sd that his sd Daughter gott some of the afflicted persons urine & put it into an Earthen pott & stopt sd pott very Close & putt sd pott #(up Close) [in] to a hott oven & stopt up sd oven & the next morning sd [witch] was Dead other things I have forgotten & farther saith not [] ias Pickworth Aged aboute thirty foure years testifieth to all that is above written

(Reverse) Sworne by Thomas Gage Salem Village May. 23'd

before us *John Hathorne ] Assists

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assists

Gouge Contra [] Toothaker

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 117 )