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SWP No. 16.13

( Deposition of James Carr v. Mary Bradbury)

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[September 9, 1692]

The Deposistion of James carr. who testifieth and saith that about
20 years agoe one day as I was accidently att the house of mr whele- right and his daughter the widdow maverick then lived there: and she
then did most curtuously invite me to com oftener to the house and
wondered I was grown such a stranger and with in a few days affter
one evening I went thether againe: and when I came thether againe:
william Bradbery was there who was then a suter to the said wid- dow but I did not know it tell affterwards; after I came in the
widdow did so corsely treat the s'd william Bradbery that he went
away semeing to be angury: presently after this I was taken affter
a strange maner as if #[every] liveing creature did run about every
part of my body redy to tare me to peaces and so I continued for
about 3 quarters of a year by times & I applyed myself to doctor
crosbe who gave me a grate deal of visek but could make non work
tho he steept tobacco in [bofit] drink he could make non to work
where upon he tould me that he beleved I was behaged: and I tould
him I had thought so a good while: and he asked me by hom I tould
him I did not care for spaking for one was counted an honest wom-
an . but he uging I tould him and he said he did beleve that mis Brad- bery was a grat deall worse then goody mertin: then presently affter
this one night I being a bed and brod awake there came sumthing to
me which I thought was a catt and went to strick it ofe the bed and
was [seud] fast that I could not stir hedd nor foot but by and by
coming to my strength I hard sumting a coming to me againe and I
prepared myself to strick it: and it coming upon the bed I did strick
at it and I beleve I hit it: and affter that visek would work on me and
I beleve in my hart that mis Bradbery the prison'r att the bar has
often afflected me by acts of wicthcraft

Jurat in Curia Septm 9: 92.
(Reverse) James Carr Dep[obar ]ition
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, vol. 2, no. 79.)