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SWP No. 68.17

( Deposition of John Tuck v. Dorcas Hoar )

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[+ September 6, 1692 ]

The depersision of John tuck aged about 18 years this deponant doth testif and say that I the s'd. deponant being at the hous of Dorkas hore about.3 year agone with John neal which was then thomas whitredges servant then the. s'd. neal brought a hin of the said whors which he the. s'd. neal had kiled doing damage in. his. s'd. masters Corn. & I the s'd deponant being thare when the. s'd. neal presented the hen to hear: the s'd hore did then break out in grreat pashan and told the. s'd. John neal that it should be the worst weaks work that Ever he did farder saith not