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SWP No. 119.8

(Thomas Nelson Vs. Margaret Scott)

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The Deposition of Thomas Nelson, who saith, that,
about six yeares ago the last winter, Margaret Scot, of
Rowley, widow, desired me to bring her some wood,
and spake to me severall times for wood, and I told
her, that I owed her ten shillings and I would bring her
wood for it, and she was not willing to set of that.
Earnest she was for me to bring her wood: denied her;
soon after this one of my cattell was dead in the stantiall,
and stood up on his hind feet, and kneeled on his knees
afore, and little after this another of my cattell was ded
in the yard, his neck under a plank at the barn side as
if he were chok'd; and after this, and ever since, had
hard thoughts of this woman and my neighbours told me,
something more then ordinery that my cattell died so.
And I do verily believe that she is a witch.
Tho: Nelson, one of the Grand Inquest gave in this
Evidence to the grant Inquest, September 15, 1692.
Jurat in Curia.

Thomas Gage, The History of Rowley. (Boston: Ferdinand Andres, 1840) 174