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SWP No. 94.13

(Deposition of Nathaniel Ingersoll and Hannah Ingersoll v. Rebecca Nurse )

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[+ June 29, 1692]

The Deposistion of Nathaniell Ingersoll and Hannah his wife who: testife and say that we ware conversant with Benjamin Holton for above a week before he died and he was acted in a very strange maner with most violent fitts acting much like to our poor bewicthed parsons w'n we thought they would have died tho: then we hade no suspition of wicthcraft. amongst us and he died a most violent death with dreadfull fitts and the Doctor that was with him said he could not tell what his distemper was and he died about Two days before Rebekah Sheepard:

Jurat in Curia
attest *Steph Sewall Cle.
(Reverse) Nath. & Hanah Ing'ell
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No. 124 )