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SWP No. 94.9

(Petition for Rebecca Nurse )

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[? May 1, 1692]

We whose nams Are heareunto subscribed being desired by goodman Nurse to declare what we knewe concerning his wives conversation for time past: we cane testyfie to all whom it may concerne that we have knowne her for: many years and Acording to our observation her: Life and conversation was Acording to her profession and we never had Any: cause or grounds to suspect her of Any such thing as she is nowe Acused of

*Israel Porter

*Elizibeth porter

*Edward beshep sen

*hana beshep

*Joshua Rea

*Sarah Rea

*Sarah leach

*john putnam sen.

*Rebeckh putnam

*Joseph hucheson sen:

*leda hucheson

*Joseph holten sen

*Sarah holten

*Daniell Andrew

*Sara andrew

*Jonathan Putnam

*lydia putnam

*Walter Phillipps senior

*Nathaniel Felton Sen:

*margaret Philips

*Taitha phillipps

*Joseph houlton Junior

*Sam'll Endecott

*Elizabeth buxtston

*Samuel aborn senr

*Isaack Cooke

*benjaman putnam

*Sarah putnam

*Job Swinerton

*Esther Swinerton

*Joseph herrick sen

*Samuell Sibley

*hephzibah Rea

*Elisabeth Cooke

*William Osborne

*hanah osborne

*Daniell Rea

*Sarah putnam

*Joseph Putman

( Witchcraft Papers No. 30 - Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )