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SWP No. 63.6

(Examinations of Sarah Good , Sarah Osborne , and Tituba )

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[March 1, 1692 ]

What Sarah Good saith

1 with non 2 shee saith that shee did doe them noe harme 3 shee implyd noe budey to doe the children 4 shee saith that shee hath made no contract nor covenant 5 shee saith that shee never did hurt the children 6 shee saith that she never had familyarity att the Devell 7 shee saith that shee never saw the children in such a condition shee saith that shee came nott to meting for want of cloase who is itt shee usially discorceseth with nobodey: but itt is a psalme or a comandement: her God is the god that made heaven and earth she hops: she saith that shee never did noe harme to mr parr

she saith itt was nott she itt is gamer osborne that doth pinch and aflicht the children

william good saith thatt shee is anenemy to all good shee saith shee is cleare of being a wich

What gamer osborn saith --

1 shee saith she had noe hand in hurting the children nether by hur self by in strements

she saith that shee saith that #[shee] was more lickley beewicht then a wich

shee said shee would never beeleave the devell, the devell did propound to hur that shee should never goe to meting noe more and att that time nothing was suggested to hur elces

Why did she pinch the young woaman shee never did nor dont know who did

What the Indyen woman saith

they have don noe harme to hur shee saith she doth nott know how the dveill works -- Who it it that hurts them the devell frot I know there is fowre that hurts the children 2 of the women are gamer Osburn and gamer Good and they say itt is shee one of the women is atall and short women and they would have hur goe with them to boston and shee oned that shee did itt att first butt [butt] she was sorry for itt: itt was the apearance of a man that came to hur and told hur that she must hurt the Children and she said that 4 times shaps or a hodg or adodge and bid her sarve him she said that shee could nott then she said he would hurt hur shee all soe said that Shee seed a yalow burd that said unto hur sarve me and shee seed 2 catts and they said sarve me she murst more pinch the children

she saith she sends the catt to bid hur pinch them: and the man brings the maid and bids her pinch hir: and they doe pull hur and make hur goe with them to mr putman to perplex them: and they make hur ride upone apoall and they hould the poll and osband and good all soe rids upon poalls and they the 2 women would have hur cill thomas putmans child The 2 women and the man told hur that if she told to hur master they would cutt of hur heed and yester day tetaby abigall sayd that she say athing with wings and 2 leedgs and vanished into the chape of osborn and the indgen oneth the same: and all soe atends osborn a short and hary thing with 2 ledgs and to Whings all soe tetaby oneth that sary good sent a wolfe to scare the dr maid

Written by Jos putnam
Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2
(Reverse) Ag't Sarah Good
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 4 )