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SWP No. 95.1

(Examination of Sarah Osborne )

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[March 1, 1692 ]

Salem Village March the 1'st 1691/2

Sarah Osburne the wife of Alexander Osburne of Salem Village. brought before us by Joseph Herrick Constable in Salem, to Answer Joseph Hutcheson & Thomas putnam &c yeomen in s'd Salem Village Complainants on behalfe of theire Majest's against s'd Sarah Osburne , for Suspition of Witchcraft by her Committed, and thereby much Injury done to the Bodys of Elizabeth parris Abigail Williams Anna putnam and Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village aforesaid, according to theire Complaint, according to a Warrant, Dated Salem febu'y 29'th 1691/2

Sarah Osburne upon Examination denyed the matter of fact (viz) that she ever understood or used any Witchcraft or used any Witchcraft, or hurt any of the aboves'd children.

The children abovenamed being all personally present accused her face to face which being don, they ware all hurt, afflicted and tortured very much: which being over and thay out of theire fitts thay sayd that said Sarah Osburne did then Come to them and hurt them, Sarah Osburn being then keept at a distance personally from them. S. Osburne was asked why she then hurt them, she denyed it: it being Asked of her how she could soe pinch & hurt them and yet she be at that distance personally from them she Answered she did not then hurt them.nor never did.she was Asked who then did it, or who she Imployed to doe it, she Answered she did not know that the divell goes aboute in her likeness to doe any hurt. Sarah Osburn being told that Sarah Good one of her Companions had upon Examination accused her. she nottwithstanding denyed the same, according to her Examination, w'ch is more at Large given in as therein will appeare

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 14 )