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SWP No. 95.5

( Testimony of Abigail Williams v. Sarah Osborne , Tituba , & Sarah Good )

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[May 23, 1692 ]

The testimony of Abigail Williams testifyh & saith that severall times last February she hath been much afflicted with pains in her head & other parts & often pinched by the apparition of Sarah Good, Sarah Osburne & Tituba Indian all of Salem Village & also excessively afflicted by the said apparition of said Good , Osburne , & Tituba at their examination before authority the. 1'st March last past 1691/2

Farther the said Abigail Williams testifyeth that she saw the apparition of said Sarah Good at her examination pinch Eliz: Hubbard & set her into fits & also Eliz: Parris, & Ann Putman

The mark of Abigail


Testified before us by Abigail Williams Salem May: the.23'd 1692
*John Hathorne
*Jonathan Corwin
p ord'r of the Govern'r Councill
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1. No. 31 )