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SWP No. 139.1

( Rev. Increase Mather's Report of the recantations of Mary Osgood, Deliverance Frye, et. al. Sarah Wilson, Sr.

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Goodwife Wilson said, that she was in the dark as to some things in her confession; yet she asserted that, knowingly she never had familiarity with the devill; that knowingly she never consented to the afflicting of any person, &c. However she said that truly she was in the dark as to the matter of her being a witch; and being ask'd how she was in the dark, she replyed that the afflicted persons crying out of her as afflicting them made her fearfull of herself, and that was all that made her say that she was in the dark.

(Charles W. Upham, Salem Witchcraft [Boston, 1867] II, 406.)