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SWP No. 38.2

(Examination of Martha Corey )

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[March 21, 1692 ]

21 March 1691/2

Mr Hathorne.

You are now in the hands of Authority tell me now
why you hurt these persons

Martha Kory.

I do not.

who doth?

Pray give me leave to goe to prayer

This request was made sundry times

We do not send for you to go to prayer But tell me
why you hurt these?

I am an innocent person: I never had to do with

Witchcraft since I was born. I am a Gospel Woman

Do not you see these complain of you

The Lord open the eyes of the Magistrates & Ministers:
the Lord show his power to discover the guilty.

Tell us who hurts these children.

I do not know.

If you be guilty of this fact do you think you can
hide it.

The Lord knows --

Well tell us w't you know of this matter

Why I am a Gosple-woman, & do you think I can have
to do with witchcraft too

How could you tell then that the Child was bid to
observe what cloths you wore when some came to
speak w'th you.


Interrupted her & bid her not begin with a lye
& so Edw'd Putman declared the matter

Mr Hath:

Who told you that


He said the child said


you speak falsly

Then Edw: Putman read again

Mr H.

Why did you ask if the child told w't cloths you wore

My husband told me the others told

Who told you about the cloaths? Why did you ask
that question.

Because I heard the children told w't cloaths the
other wore

Goodm: Kory did you tell her

The old man denyed that he told her so.

Did you not say your husband told you so




Who hurtes these children now look upon them.


I cannot help it


Did you not say you would tell the truth why you
askt that question: how come you to the knowledge --

I did but ask

You dare thus to lye in all this assembly You are now
before Authority. I expect the truth, you promised it,
Speak now & tell#[what cloths] who told you what


No body


How came you to know that the children would be
examined what cloth you wore

Because I thought the child was wiser, than any body
if she knew

Give an answer you said your husband told you

He told me the children said I afflicted them

How do you know w't they came for, answer me this


will you say how you came to know what they came

I had heard speech that the children said I #[afflicted
them] troubled them & I thought that they might
come to examine

But how did you know it

I thought they did

Did not you say you would tell the truth, who told
you w't they came for

No body

How did you know

I did think so

But you said you knew so


There is a man whispering in her ear,

What did he say to you.

We must not beleive all that these distracted children

Cannot #[he tell] you tell what that man whispered

I saw no body

But did not you hear

No, here was Extream agony of all the afflicted

If you expect mercy of God, you must look for it in
Gods way by confession

Do you think to find mercy by aggravating your sins

A true thing

Look for it then in Gods way


So I do

Give glory to God & confess then

But I cannot confess

Do not you see how these afflicted do charge you

We must not beleive distracted persons

Who do you improve to hurt them

I improved none

Did not you say our eyes were blinded you would
open them

Yes to accuse the innocent

Then Crossly gave in evidence

Why cannot the girl stand before you

I do not know.

What did you mean by that

I saw them fall down

It seems to be an insulting speech as if they could
not stand before you.

They cannot stand before others.

But you said they cannot stand before you

Tell me what was that turning upon the Spit by you

You beleive the Children that are distracted I saw no

Here are more than two that accuse you for witchcraft

What do you say

I am innocent

Then mr Hathorn read farther of Croslys evidence

What did you mean by that the Devil could not stand
before you

She denyed it

3. or 4. Sober witnesses confirm'd it.

What can I do many rise up against me

Why confess.

So I would if I were guilty

Here are sober persons what do you say to them

You are a Gosple woman, will you lye

Abigail cryed out next Sab: is sacrament day, but she
shall not come there


I do not care

You charge these children with distraction: it is a note
of distraction when persons vary in a minute, but
these fix upon you, this is not the manner of dis-
traction --

When all are against me w't can I help it

Now tell me the truth will you, why did you say that
the Magistrates & Ministers eyes are blinded you would
open them

She laught & denyed it.

Now tell us how we shall know

Who doth hurt these if you do not

Can an innocent person be guilty

Do you deny these words


Tell us who hurts these: We came to be a Terror to
evil doers

You say you would open our eyes we are blind

If you say I am a Witch

You said you would show us

She denyed it.

Why do you not now show us

I cannot tell: I do not know

What did you strike the maid at Mr Tho: Putmans with

I never struck her in my life

Here are two that see you strike her with an iron rod.

I had no hand in it

Who had

Do you beleive these children are bewitcht

They may for ought I know I have no hand in it.

You say you are no Witch, may be you mean you
never Covenanted with the Devil. Did you never deal
w'th any familiar

No never

What bird was that the children spoke of

Then Witnesses, spoke

What bird was it.

I know no bird.

It may be: you have engaged you will not confess. but
God knows.

So he doth

Do you beleive you shall go unpunished

I have nothing to do w'th withcraft

Why was you not willing your husband should come
to the former Session here

But he came for all

Did not you take the Saddle off

I did not know what it was for

Did you not know w't it was for

I did not know that it would be to any benefit

Some body said that she would not have them help to
find out witches.

Did you not say you would open our eyes why do
you not

I never thought of a Witch

Is it a laughing matter to see these afflicted persons

She denyed it

Severall prove it

Ye are all against me & I cannot help it

Do not you beleive there are Witches in the Countrey

I do not know that there is any

Do not you know that Tituba Confessed it

I did not hear her speak

I find you will own nothing without severall witnesses
& yet you will deny for all

It was noted w'n she bit her lip severall of the afflic-
ted were bitten

When she was urged upon it that she bit her lip saith
she what harm is there in it.

Mr. Noyes .

I beleive it is apparent she practiseth Witchcraft in
the congregation there is no need of images

What do you say to all these thing that are apparent

If you will all go hang me how can I help it.

Were you to serve the Devil ten years tell how many

She laught

The Children cryed there was a yellow bird with her

When Mr Hathorn askt her about it she laught

When her hands were at liberty the afflicted persons
were pincht

Why do not you tell how the Devil comes in your
shape & hurts these; you said you would

How can I know how

Why did you say you would show us

She laught again

What book is that you would have these children
write in

What book: were should I have a book I showed them
none, nor have none nor brought none.

The afflicted cryed out there was a man whispering in
her ears.

What book did you carry to Mary Walcott

I carryed none: if the Devil appears in my shape

Then Needham Said that Parker some time agoe
thought this woman was a Witch

Who is your God

The God that made me

Who is that God

The God that made me

What is his name


Do you know any other name

God Almighty

Doth he tell you that you pray to that he is God


Who do I worship but the God that made [me]

How many Gods are there


How many persons


Cannot you say so there is one God in three blessed

(then she was troubled)

Do not you see these children & women are rational
& sober as their neighbours when your hands are
fastened Immediately they were seized with fitts
& the standers by

[Partially illegible on account of fold in paper.]
said she was squeezing her fingers her hands being
eased by them that held them on purpose for triall
Quickly after the Marshall said she hath bit her lip
& immediately the afflicted were in an uproar

[torn] why you hurt these, or who doth

She denyeth any hand in it

Why did you say if you were a Witch you should have
no pardon.

Because I am a Woman

Salem Village March the 21't 1691/2

The Rever't mr Sam'll parris being desired to take in wrighting the
Examination of Martha Cory , hath returned it as afores'd Upon hear-
ing the afores'd and seing what wee did then see, togather with the
charges of the persons then present Wee Committed Martha Cory
the wife of Giles Cory of Salem farmes, unto the Goale in Salem as p
mittimus then Given out

*John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin {

(Reverse) Martha Kory Exam
( Essex Institute Collection, no. 1, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum )