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SWP No. 72.24

(Deposition of Joseph Safford v. Elizabeth How and Bridget Bishop )

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[June 30, 1692]

The deposishtion of Joseph Safford aeged about 60 he testefyeth and saith [that] my wife was much afraid of Elisabeth how the wife of [James how] upon the Reports that were of her about Samuell perlleys Child but upon a tim after thes Reportes Jams how and his wife Comming to my house nether myselfe nor my wife were at home and goodwife how asked my Children wher ther mother was and thay said at the next naybouers hous she disired to Coll ther mother which they did: when my wife cam whom my wife told me that she was much startled to se goode how but she took her by the hand and said goode Safford, I belive that you are not ignorant of the grete scandall: that I Ly under upon the evil Report that is Raised upon me about Samuell perlleys child and other things Joseph Safford saith that after this his wife was teken beyond Rason and all parswasion to tek the part of this woman after this the wife of this Jams how propounded herselfe to com into the church of Ipswich whereupon sum objection aRose by sum unsatisfied bretheren wherupon ther was a meeting apinted by our elders of the church to Consider of things brought in against her my wife was more than ordenery ernist to goe to L[ectur] the church meeting being on that day notwithstanding the meny arguments I used to perswed her to the Contrerey yet I obtained apromis of her that shee would not goe to the church meeting but meeting with som of the naybourhood they persweded her to go with them to the church meeting at eldar pains and told her that shee need say nothing ther, but goodwife how then being Rether Rendred guilty then cleered my wife took here by the hand after meeting and told her though shee wer condemned before men shee was Justefyed befor god: the next sabath after this my son that caried my wife to Lectur was taken after astrang manar: the Satarday aftar that my wife was taken after a Raving frenzy manar expresing in a Raging manar that goode how must Com into the church and that shee was a precious saint and though shee wer Condemned befor men shee was Justefyed befor god and continued in this fram for the space of thre or four hours aftar that my wife fell into a kind of a tranc for the spac of two or thre minits

shee then Coming to herselfe opened har eye and said tha[t] I was misteken no answer was med by the standars by: and again shee said ha I was misteken majar appletons wife standing by said wherein art mistaken I was mistaken said she for I thought goode how had bene a precious saint of god but now I see she is a witch for shee hath bewitched mee and my child and we shall never be well till ther is testemoney for her that she may be taken into the church: after this ther was a meeting of the eldars at my hous and thay desird that goode how might be at the meeting insign wallis went with myselfe to invite goode how to this meeting: she coming in discours at that time shee said two or thre times shee was sory to se my wife at the church meeting at eldar pains aftar this shee said she was aflicted by the aparishtion of goode how : a few days after she was taken shee said the caus of her changing her opinion consarning goode how was becaus shee apeard to her throug a crevie of the clambouerds which she knew no good person could do and at thre severall tims after was aflicted by the aperishtion of goode how and goode ollever and furder this depoint saith that Rising erlly in the maring and kindling a fir in the other Room mi wife shricked out I presently Ran into the Room wher my wife was and as soon as ever I opened the dore my [wife] said ther be the evill one take tham wherupon I Replyed whar are thay I will take them if I can shee said you will not tek them and then sprang out of the bed herselfe and went to the window and said thar they went out thay wer both biger than she and thay went out ther but she could not then I Replyed who be thay she said goode how and goode ollever . goode ollever said I you never saw the woman in your Life no said she I never saw her in my Life but so she is Represented to me goode ollever of Sallam that hurt william stace of Sallam the millr

Joseph Safford declared to the Jury of inquest: that the evidence above written & on the other side of this paper is the truth upon oath

June: 30th 1692 -- Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Joseph Safford
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 337. )