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SWP No. 97.4

( Testimony of Martha Dutch v. Alice Parker )

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[September 7, 1692. ]

The Testimony of Martha Dutch aged about 36 years This Deponent Testifieth and saith that about 2 yeers Last past Jno Jarman of Salem Coming in from sea I This daponant & Alice parker of Salem Both of us standing Together said unto her w't a great mercy itt was for to see Them Come home well and Through mercy I said my husband had gone & Came home well many Times & I This deponant did saye unto the s'd parker that I did hope he would Come whome This voyage well allso & the s'd parker made answer unto me & said no Never more in This world the w'ch Came to pass as she then told me for he died abroad as I sertinly heare Jurat in Curia Sep'r 7. 92.

attest *Step. Sewall Cle

(Reverse) Martha Dutch Depo against John Jarman

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No. 93 )