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SWP No. 97.6

(Deposition of Thomas Putnam & William Murray v. Alice Parker)

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[+ September 7, 1692: ]

the deposistion of Tho: putnam aged 40: years and william murry aged
36: year. who: testifieth and saith: that several of the afflected:
perzens were as mary walcott and mary warren and seuerall other
and were much afflected on the: 6th Septr. 1692 dureing the time
of the Examination of Elce parker: and we obsarved that upon
the glance of hir Eies they were strucken down: and upon hir lay
--ing hir hand on them they were Recovered and we beleave that
Elce parker the prisoner att the barr has often hurt the
said persons by acts of witchcraf

Jurat in Curia Thomas putnam
Wm Murray


Tho: putnam &
Wm Murray
Elsi Parker

Essex County Court Achives, vol. 2 No. 97.