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SWP No. 94.11

( Statemen of of Israel Porter , Elizabeth Porter , Daniel Andrew and Peter Cloyce for Rebecca Nurse )

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[++ March 24, 1692]

We whos nams Are under writen being desiered to goe to goodman nurs his hous to speeke with his wife and to tell her that several of the Aflicted persons mentioned her: and Acordingly we went and we found her in A weak and Lowe condition in body as shee told us and had been sicke allmost A weak and we asked how it was otherwis with her and shee said shee blest god for it shee had more of his presents in this sickens then sometime shee have had but not soe much as shee desiered: but shee would with the Apostle pres forward to the mark: and many other places of scriptur to the Like purpos: and then of her owne Acord shee begane to speek of the Affliction that was Amongst them and in perticuler of Mr Parris his family and howe shee was greved for them though shee had not been to see them: by Reason of fits that shee formerly use to have for people said it was Awfull to:behold: but shee pittied them with: all her harte: and went to god for them: but shee said shee heard that there was persons spoke of that wear as Innocent as shee was shee belived and After much to this purpos: we told her we heard that shee was spoken of allsoe: well she said if it be soe the will of the Lord be done: she sate still awhille being as it wear Amazed: and then shee said well as to this thing I am Innocent as the child unborne but seurly shee said what sine hath god found out in me unrepented of that he should Lay such an Affliction upon me In my old Age: and Acording to our best observation we could not decern that shee knewe what we came for before we tould her

*Israel porter

*Elizabeth porter

To the substance of what is Above we if caled there too: are Ready to testifie on: oath

*Daniell Andrew

*Peter Cloys

( Essex Institute Collection, No. 16. Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. )