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SWP No. 97.1

(Examination of Alice Parker )

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[May 12, 1692. ]

The Examination of Alice Parker 12 May. 1692.

Q Mary Warren Charges you with Several acts off witchcraft; what Say you to it Guilty or not Guilty: A. I am not Guilty. You told her this day you cast away Thomas Westgate -- A. -- I know nothing of it -- You told her John Laptho[rn] was [lost] in [] A. I never spoke a word to her in my Life. You told her also you bewitched her Sister, because her father would not mow your grass. I never saw her -- Warren desiring to go to strike her, was permitted, but Could not Come near so much as to touch her, but fel backward immediately into a dreadful fitt. Margaret Jacobs Charged her also to her face with seeing her in the North feild on fryday night last about #[nine a Clock] an hour within Night in apparition -- Marshal Herrick also affirmed to her face that she told him this day after he had apprehended her and was bringing her to Examination, that there were threscore Witches of the Company, which he denyed not, But said she did not Remember, how many she said there was. But John Londer being by attested the same the Marshal had before. Mary Warren was grieviously afflicted dureing the whole time of her Examination. But being asked who told her there were threescore Witches, she answered she Could not tell. Mary Warren affirmd that Her Father having promised to mow the grass for her if he had time, which he not doeing she came to the house, and told him he had better he had done it, presently after that Her Sister fell ill and shortly after Her Mother was taken ill, and dyed. Mary Warren affirms that when Alice Parker brought the Poppet to her, she said if she would not Run the needle in, she would Run itt, into her heart. Mary Warren affirmd it to her face, but upon the Glance of Parkers Ey she immediately struck her down into a fitt. being Examined upon these things, she wished God would open the Earth and Swallow her up presently, if one word of this was true and make her an Example to Others -- Tho att the same times she practised her Witchcrafts before upon the Body of Mary Warren, dreadfully tormenting her. Moreover Warren affirmed that she told her this day that she was att the Bloody Sacrament in Mr Parris's Pasture, and [that] they were about thirty of them. Mary Warren also affirms that She told her this day also that she Ran after John Londer in the Common. Mary Warren affirms that the Spectrum came direct from her Body and afflicted her dureing the whole time off her Examination. Mr Noise in Time of Examination affirmed to her face, that he being with her in a Time of sicknes, discoursing with about her witchcrafts whether she were not Guilty, she answered If she was as free from other sins as from Witchcrafts she would not ask the Lord mercy. Mary. Warren being taken with a dreadful fit at the same time, w'rby her tongue hung out of her mouth until it was black, Parker being present said warrens tongue would be blacker befor she dyed. Parker being asked why she did thus afflict and torm't her, answered If I do, the Lord forgive mee --

( Witchcraft Papers, No. 31. Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )