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SWP No. 98.5

(Statements of William Barker, Jr. & Mercy Wardwell v. Mary Parker )

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[September 16, 1692 ]

Wm Barker Jun'r affirmed to the grand Inquest: that: Mary Parker: did in Company with him s'd Barker : afflict Martha Sprag by: witchcraft. the night before: s'd Barker Confessed: which was: the 1 of Sept'r 1692: this he owned: to the grand Inquest: Sept'r 16: 1692

Owned in Court

Mercy Wardwell : owned to the grand Inquest that she had seen: the shape of Mary Parker : When she: s'd Wardwell : afflicted: Timo Swan : also: she: s'd she saw: s'd parkers Shape: when the s'd wardwell afflicted Martha Sprage : but I did not certainely know: that s'd parker was a witch: this she owned: to the grand Inquest: Sept'r 16: 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No. 68 )