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SWP No. 97.7

( Deposition of John Westgate v. Alice Parker )

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[September 7, 1692]

Jno Wesgate aged about forty years This deponant Testifyeth thatt about Eight years since he being att the house of mr Sam'll Beadle In the company of Jno Parker and severall others, the wife of said Jno Parker came into the company and scolded att and called her husband all to nought whereupon I the said deponent tooke her husbands part telling of her itt was an unbeseeming thing for her to come after him to the taverne and raile after thatt rate w'th thatt she came up to me and called me rogue and bid me mind my owne busines and told me I had better have said nothing Sometimes afterwards I the s'd deponent going from the house of mr Dan'll King, w'n I came over against Jno Robinsons house I heard a great noyce coming from towards mr Babage his house then there apeared a black hogge running towards me w'th open mouth as though he would have devoured me att thatt Instant time I the said. deponent fell downe upon my hipp and my knife runn into my hipp up to the haft w'n I came home my knife was in my sheath w'n I drew itt out of the sheath then imediatly the sheath fell all to peaces, and further this deponant testifieth thatt after he gott up from his fall his stockin and shue was full of blood and thatt he was forc't to craule along by the fence all the way home and the hogg followed him and never left him tell he came. home, and haveing astout dog then with mee, the dog run then away from him Leapeing over the fence and Cryeing much which at other tymes used to Wory any hog well or Sufficiently, which hog I then apprehended was Either the Divell or some Evill thing not a Reall hog, and did then Really Judge or determine in my mind that it was Either Goody parker or by her meenes, and procureing fearing that she is a Witch,

Sworne Salem June 2'd 1692 Before *John Hathorne Assis't

Jno Wastgate declared the above written & what is written on the other side of this paper to be a true evidence before the Jury of Inquest upon the oath he hath taken: Septem'r 7: 1692