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SWP No. 107.13

(Deposition of Samuel Parris , Nathaniel Ingersoll , & Thomas Putnam v. John Proctor , Elizabeth Proctor , & Sarah Cloyce )

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[+ April 11, 1692 ]

The deposition of Sam: Parris aged about. 39. years and Nathanael Ingersoll aged about fifty & eight years & also Thomas Putman aged about fourty years all of Salem --

testifieth & saith that divers of the afflicted by Witchcraft were much tortured at the examination of John Proctor of Salem Farmes before the honoured Magistrates the II'th April. 1692 . & particularly when Mr Joseph Popes wife was severall times afflicted, Ann Putman jun'r & Abigail Williams testified that it was by John Proctor aforesaid & his wife Elizabeth , & also when Mercy Lewes was much afflicted at the same examination said Ann witnessed that it was by said Proctor & his wife & Goody Cloyse , also when Goody Bibber was much afflicted, Abig: Williams just before cryed out there is Goodman Proctor going to hurt Goody Bibber, & also said Abigail cryed out there is Goodman Proctor going to hurt Mary Walcot , & i[mbar ]ediately Mary Walcot was seized with a violent fit

(Reverse) The Depotion of Sam: Parris &c ags't John Proctor

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 47.)