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SWP No. 92.27

( Deposition of Samuel Parris , Nathaniel Ingersoll and Thomas Putnam v. Susannah Martin )

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[++ May 2, 1692]

The Deposition of Sam: Parris aged about. 39 years, & Nathanael Ingersoll aged about fifty & eight yeares and also Tho: Putman aged about fourty yeares all of Salem -- testifyeth & saith that Abigail Williams , Mercy Lewes Mary Walcot, Susannah Shelding and John Indian were much afflicted at the examination of Susannah Martin of Almsbury Widdow-before the honoured Magistrates the. 2. May. 1692 & that Goody Bibber (who before had not accused her) & some other of the afflicted then & there testifyed that there was a black man whispering in her ear, & also that the said Bibber Abigail Williams & Mary Walcot & John Indian could not come near said Martin when upon triall they were ordered by the Magistrates to attempt it, & their agonies & tortures they charged said Martin as the cause of, & also we farther saw that when she said Martin bit her lips they were bitten, & when the afflicted were ordered to go towards her they were knockt down

Jurat in Curia
(On reverse side of paper) The Depotion of Sam: Parris &c ag'st.
Susan: Martin
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 194. )