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SWP No. 98.1

(Examination of Mary Parker )

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[September 2, 1692. ]

2 Sep'r 1692. The Examination of mary parker of Andover widow taken before Bartho' Gidny John Hathorne Jonat' Corwin & John Higginson Esq'rs ther majesties Justices of the peace for the County of Essex in the forth yeare of their majesties Reigne

upon mentioneing of her name, severall afflicted persones wer struck down as mary warrin Sarah churchhill. hannah post , Sarah Bridges Mercy wardwell, And when she came before the Justices, she recovered all the afflicted out of their fitts by the touch of their hand

She is accused for acting of witchcraft upon martha Sprague And Sarah Phelps . Q. how long have ye been in the snare of the devil. Ansr. I know nothing of it There is another woman of the same name in Andover But martha Sprague affirmed that that this is the very woman that afflicted her The said mary parker Lookeing upon Sprague struck her down, and recovered her again out of her fitt, Mary Lacey being in a fitt, cryd out upon mary parker, & s'd parker recovered her out of her fitt,

Mercy wardwell was twice afflicted by parker & recovered again by her

William Barker lookeing upon mary parker said to her face That she was one of his company, And that the last night she afflicted martha Sprague in company with him

Mercy wardwell said that this mary parker was also one of her company and that the said parker afflicted Timothy Swan in her company -- Mary Warrin in a violent fitt was brought neare haveing a pin run through her hand and blood runeing out of her mouth she was recovered from her fitt by s'd mary parker The said mary warrin said that this mary parker afflicted & tormented her, And further that she saw the said parker at ane examination up at Salem Village sitting upon one of the Beams. of the house./

I underwritten being appointed by the Justices of the peace in Salem to wryt down the Examination of Mary Parker abovementioned Doe testify this to be a true coppy of the originall examination As to the substance of it,

*W'm Murray

(Reverse) Exam'n of Mary Parker

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No. 63 )