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SWP No. 122.3

(Mary Warren v. Abigail Somes )

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The Deposition of mary Warren who Testifieth & Saith that Abigaill Somes of Gloster hath often aflickted mee by bitting pricking & pinching of mee & halling mee about under the Table & s'd Somes s'd she had been #(half) bed Riden a twelvmoneth or their about & that she had never been out in the day time in s'd time but had been very often abroad in the night & when she was sent for to the village, I see her Aflict Ann Putnam & mary walcot

owned before the Grand iury upon the oath she had taken Jan'y 6'th 1692

Attests. *Robert Payn foreman:

( Suffolk Court Records -- Case No. 2703 Page 25 )