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SWP No. 72.7

( Deposition of Samuel Perley et ux v. Elizabeth How )

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the first of june 1692

the dePosition of Samuel Perley and his wife aged about 52 an his wife about 46 years of age

We having a dauter about ten years of age being in a sorowful condition this #[faling ought] being sone after a faling out that had bene betwen jeams how and his wife and #[and] miself our daughter tould us that it was jeams hows wife that afflicted her both night and day som times comPlaini[n]g of being Pricked with Pins and sometimes faling doun into dredful fits and often sai i could never aflict a dog as goode how aflicts me mi wife and i did often chide her for naming goode how being loth her name should be defamed but our daughter would tell us that though we would not beleve her now yet you will know it one day we went to several doctors and thai: tould us that she was under an evil hand: our daughter tould us that when she came nere the fire or water this witch Puls me: in and was often soreli burnt and she would tel us what cloaths she wore and would sai there she goes and there she goes and now she is gone into the oven and at these sights faling doun into dreadful fits and thus our daughter continuing about two or three years constantli afirming to the last that this goode how that is now seised was the cause of her sorows and so Pine d a wai to skin and bone and ended her sorowful life, and this we can atest uPon oath ruth Perleys mark

Sam'll Pearly and his wife declared the above written to be the truth upon oath after this the above said goode how had a mind to joyn to iPswich Church thai being unsatisfied sent to us to bring in what we had against her and when we had decleared to them what we knew thai se cause to Put a stoP to her coming into the Church within a few dais after I had a cow wel in the morning as far as we knew this cow was taken strangli runing about like a mad thing a litle while and then run into a great Pon -- and drouned herself and #[when she] as sone as she was dead mi sons and miself towed her to the shore and she stunk so that we had much a doe to flea her.

Sam'll Pearly: declared to: the Jury of inquest that all the above written: is the truth: upon oath: June: 30th: 92

(Left hand margin) As for the time of our daughters being taken ill it was in the yere of our lord 1682

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 325 )