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SWP No. 136.12

( John Gould and Zacheus Perkins v. Sarah Wilds )

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The Depotion of John Gould aged about 56 yeares or theire about Testifeth and saith that some time sence whether it be fivfteen or sixteene yeares agoe I am not sarting but I toke it to be theire abouts sister Mary Redington tould mee as she was Coming from Salam with her Brother Redington that Goodwife Wilds did strive two or three times to pul her doune of her horse one time she did strive to pul her doune in a brooke but she did set her selfe with all her strenke #(to set her self) she Could and did git out of the brook and #(as) soone after she was got out of the brooke she said that Goodwife Wilds did pul her downe bakwords of her horse and held her downe so as she Could not helpe her selfe tell her Brother Redington and sarg't Edmon Towns did Come and helper [help her]/ and my sister did desier mee to Come and wright what she Could say how Goodwife Wilds did aflicte her for she would Leafe it in wrighting so as it might be seene when she was dead and I did goe downe to wright it once or twise but when I was redy to wright it sister was taken so as she Could not declare any thing/ also sister Mary tould mee that When Johanthan Wilds was ele at her house in a straing maner so as he Could goe out at the Chimey tops #(in) into the barne hed git her henes and put them in to his breeches and kiled them/ sister Mary did aske Goodwife Wilds to take som of the dead henes and Let her have som Liveing henes and she did but sister said thay went moping about tell thay died and so shall I said sister Redington and the Last words I hard sister Redington say was that it was Goodwife Wilds that brought her into that Condition she did stand to it tell her death farder I doe testifie#[th] that as I was afeching two or three Load of hay for Zacheus perkins/ the s'd perkins tould mee that I must Lay the hay fast or eles his ant Wilds would not Let mee Cary it for she was angrey with him and as I went with one Load it did slipe downe in plaine way and I Lay it up againe and then I Came almost at home with it it fell doune againe and I Went and feched him another Load and when I Came wheare the first Load sliped the seckond did slipe downe then I got some of our frinds to helpe me up with it and wee bound it with two Cart ropes but it did slipe up and downe so as I did never see hay doe soe in my Life and when I came wheare I Left the first Load the hay went all of the Cart apon the ground and did bring the Cart over and it was rising ground I #(Could) did thinke that it was don by witchCraft Jno Jno. Gould #(?).

Jurat in Curia
Zacheus Perkins made Oath to the latter part of this Evidence relating to the Hay
Jurat in Curia
(On reverse side of paper) Zacheus Perkins.
( Essex Institute MSS. Collection )